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Wedding Calligraphy


For sure you have seen lots of beautiful wedding invitations, but you would love to give a handmade and lovely touch to yours; Calligraphy is wonderful and on wedding invitations looks so luxurious, something that your guests will keep forever, giving them a beautiful object with their names written on it. Who won’t keep it?

There are lots of Calligraphy styles and scripts, but the most indicated for you wedding would be the Pointed Pen Calligraphy such as Copperplate, Spencerian or Modern Calligraphy. The two first are more delicate and luxurious and the third one has a more actual touch.

I can give you an advice if you decide to go for some calligraphy invitations, talk to an expert, not everybody know ho to write well, it needs experience and practice and now you can see lots of handmade calligraphy invitations online, but it can be something not well done and you may have something not valuable, You could have a piece of history that won’t loose value with time, if you ask a Master Penman to do them you will have something that will value more with the pass of time, we don’t know how much will cost that script invitations in the years to come right?.

I am Graphic designer, Calligrapher, as you can see in my portfolio where you will find different samples of my work.

Calligraphy is beauty, is important to transmit that idea on your wedding day, you can choose different ink colors even metallic ones, there are lots of variations and it is wonderful to see them on real life. It is important to use good quality materials so it does not loose intensity with the pass of time.

My tip is that you talk to an expert and let him or her guide you, showing you real samples for you to choose and appreciate the beauty of handwritten calligraphy.

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